“I highly recommend Joel as a dedicated criminal attorney who will be fighting for the best possible outcome of your case.”


“I am a busy professional and received two traffic violations within a few months. These were going to cost me thousands of dollars in additional insurance premiums (many points on my driver’s license) and were going to take a great deal of time and stress to deal with. I contacted Joel Silberman on each of the two occasions, he was exactly the man I needed for the job, very professional, prompt, responsive and knowledgeable. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Joel was even responding to my emails late at night within minutes. He is dedicated to his work, I felt completely in the right hands. He solved the problems for both of my traffic tickets (with no points on my license!) and treated the cases as if they were his own! Highly recommend.”


“Outside of family and friends Joel is someone you can trust and know that he will fight for you every step of the way. If I have ever another legal issue Joel will be the first person I call.”


“Outstanding. To the point. Joel gets the job done!”


“Service above and beyond my expectations. Joel was very informative and achieved a terrific resolution on my case.”


“ Thank you so much, I am so grateful for you and your hard work. You are a great lawyer. You saved me!”


“We sincerely appreciate all what you have done.
Thank you for helping us and mostly thank you for caring about my family”


“Fantastic work today Joel. Thanks for getting my son another shot at life!”


“Joel has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law, and is highly respectful of others. He is well known and respected in the court system, and will put his all so that you get the most favorable outcome. Highly recommend!!!”


“Joel understood my needs and addressed them directly. The results were better than I anticipated and without any prolonged or protracted back and forth. I was lucky to have found him. I am leaving this review so that others don’t have to gamble with their legal needs. He does what he says, communicates effectively and delivers desired results. PERIOD!

Bill Pay

“Joel was lead counsel during a family court trial involving my successful attempt to gain custody of my very ill father as he was being abused by my mother. Joel was professional, thorough and empathetic. I highly recommend using his services.”

Rebecca Wolf

“Came to Joel with a big problem he was on top of his job ever since, Very professional also never leave you in the dark about nothing, Would highly recommend him to some one that need help”


“Joel was there when my family and I needed. He helped fix a very bad and horrible situation. We greatly respect him and his work and are thankful we found him.”

Troy R

“I have been through enough lawyers to tell you that Joel Silberman is the real deal. He is the reason that I am even able to write this review otherwise I would be behind the wall for many years. I was battling with both the legal system and very bad counseling before I hired Joel. I was in PTI for almost 3 years facing a lot of time being thrown around and taken advantage of by my prior lawyer. He was always just telling me what I want to hear so he could keep billing me for more hours. It was a big decision to make with a lot of hours and money spent but this was my life on the line and when I met Joel I knew he was the right lawyer for the job. I made the “Best Decision of My Life” and fired my legal team who counseled me for 3 years and hired Joel. 90 Days later I was Granted the Greatest Gift which now allows me the freedom and ability to be the Best Role Model Father for my son and Family. Thank you so much Joel!”

Joseph Carollo

“Joel was able to assist in a case causing me severe distress. He handled it professionally and effectively communicated realistic expecations, not blowing smoke up the backside. I find many lawyers either lean towards the negative and have their clients worried about risk, but Joel’s communication was “straight”, as is and it helped understand my position with regard to my case and my options. It was a very good decision to hire and would absolutely recommend.”

S Mac

“Mr. Silberman has been an amazing lawyer, helped my boyfriend to get a shorter sentence for his drug charge. He’s always available to help. He is truly one of the best lawyers hands down! I highly recommend him.!”

Jessica Castro

“I was maliciously dragged into a civil case by a complainant who was trying to extort money in the guise of settlement by concocting stories which have no factual basis. With Joel Silberman’s skillful legal strategies, the complainant and his lawyers eventually dropped me from the case which was approved by the court. Joel is highly experience lawyer who you can trust with your legal matters.”

Lincoln Tan Jr

“Joel Silberman is there for you 24/7. He is knowledgeable, well prepared and you are in good hands with his representation. From your initial consultation you are guided through the legal process in a way that is easy to understand. His fee is worth every penny!”

Gary Rubinstein

“Joel Silberman is a great attorney and knows the law and your rights. I been dealing with Joel since 2012 and has always been responsive and informative about any questions or concern that I may have. I text him and he replies within a timely matter. Highly recommend The Law Offices of Joel Silberman, LLC.”

Rob Gonzalez

“Joel is the best attorney around. He is a passionate and outstanding defense attorney with a heart of gold. He is reliable and you can count on him to answer his cell day or night. His knowledge in the law is vast and he has always been honest. Joel was very compassionate and supportive during the case. He is an intelligent attorney with a knack of dealing with complex cases. I highly recommend him and would not hesitate to hire him again.”

Nilsa Fragoso

“Mr. Joel Silberman is very professional, analytical and extremely helpful attorney. During my first encounter with him, he was very honest and sought to get a good understanding of the case. He is not necessarily complaisant but he will fight for you to the best of his abilities: * His help is custom-tailored to the case and person he is trying to help. In my case I provided him with as much relevant informant as I could, and he was able to deliver. * He has an excellent knowledge of the law and will research articles and jurisprudence pertinent to your case. He is interested in you as a client but he expects diligent and timely payments for his efforts. * He answers text messages and if he is in Court he will get back to you afterwards. That’s all for me, and I have already hired him in two separate cases, with excellent outcomes. Do your research and see for yourself.”

Antoine Adam

“Highly recommend Joel – Unfortunately I ran into a rare and unusual situation. Joel handled the matter promptly and accurately. He is the correct attorney.”

James C

“Mr. Silberman did an excellent job with my case. He was always professional and timely in his responses (even on weekends)! He always showed up to court on time and ready. He was also very confident and reassuring that things would work out. I knew he had my back! Ultimately, my case was dismissed. That was one of the best days of my life!! I’m always so grateful of the work he put into my case. Thank you again Joel! I highly recommend.”

Sabrina Roman

“Joel was referred to me by a close friend. I was falsely accused of a nasty crime and am pregnant, out of work and was stressed and afraid. This was the first time in my life that I needed legal representation and I was anxious and nervous. Having to speak with a criminal attorney was an overwhelming and frightening thought. Joel changed that for me. He was kind, patient, reassuring and professional. He listened and asked thoughtful and thorough questions to ensure he had all facts straight. He sheltered my family from the police and took on all correspondence and quietly handled everything for us. He saved my sanity and took an enormous weight off of me. He responded to text messages and hysterical phone calls with ease and even referred me to another great lawyer to handle another part of this case that was outside his expertise. I can’t say enough great things about Joel, but I’ll repeat that my family and I are so grateful for his diligence, professionalism, hard work and follow through in ensuring we were legally represented and supported through a very difficult time.”

Belinda Samuels

“I went to Mr. Silberman when my husband was arrested and taken out of our house. We did not know what was going on. Mr. Silberman immediately spoke to the police and the prosecutor’s in the nighttime and worked to have my husband back to his kids. He then worked his butt off and his investigation found that the police had major mistakes in the case and the court dismissed everything. Mr. Silberman was there for us whenever we needed and he was very good at being a lawyer and knowing how to fight hard.”

Tracy Sanderson

“This lawyer is sharp. I arrested with 4 other of my boys. He put together a team on jersey best lawyers and we all got off. It was smooth skill in the court. Everyone knows this cat and fears his skill when he walks in.”

Two Gunzz

“The best decision my husband and I made was to retain Joel Silberman as our defense attorney. He is very concise. You receive his undivided attention from the moment you walk into his office. I Highly Recommend you retain Mr. Silberman as a defense attorney before you walk into court. He delivers results! Forever our family attorney.”

Lorraine Pelaske

“Choosing Joel Silberman was the best choice I ever made. His knowledge of the law is second to none. I was facing life in prison and beat down the prosecutor and I got probation. It was like magic watching him do circles around everyone else in the courtroom.”

David Garhers

“I totally recommend Joel Silberman. He was clear about my situation. Very professional yet personable at the same time. He provided very quick response at all time. I simply cannot thank him enough for the resolution and the peace of mind provided.”

Yanthony Novas

“I was falsely arrested and imprisoned for a crime that I had not committed. The Law Offices of Joel Silberman, LLC took my case, and I am very grateful to Attorney Joel Silberman. He proved my innocence and I received my freedom. He’s very smart and capable.”

Mikayla Dickson

“I was falsely accused of domestic violence. After hiring Joel, I received the strong representation I needed for my case. Joel worked hard to prove my innocence. He fought for me as if I was his family member. The court dismissed all the false charges against me. I am more than happy at this outcome!”

susan rose

“Very professional excellent service top-notch trustworthy! A+”

Andy Dee

“He is the best lawyer I was accused of assaulting somebody with out. They had no proof! . He saved my life . I recommend this lawyer.”

brotherhashmi tv

“Joel not only handled my case one on one he answered my text ! Emails and dealt with me like a pro! He was extremely professional and reduce my case with a consent and agreement/ he didn’t lie and was the most honest lawyer I ever met! I’m impressed and felt he understood my problem and case! Hands down this is the guy I would hire if I was accused of anything or you where! This man is definitely the guy you want on your side! I was looking at time and he got control of the case and showed that I was not that kind of person! Thank you! Hire this man!!!”

PeterInc Diaz

“It is without hesitation that I refer my psychotherapy clients to Joel Silberman when in need for legal services. Joel’s extensive experience, professionalism, and dedication to helping people in difficult situations is quite evident. Joel has yielded a quick and successful outcome with all the clients that I have referred. Truly a great lawyer!”

James Rokeach

“I was so scared that I was going to prison for a long time when I got arrested. Joel made me feel calm and explained the situation. Everything worked out just like he told me. He was honest the whole way. All I could ask for was someone honest and straight and that is what I got.”

Annymous Client

“Attorney Silberman was prepared and helped me win my case. Very responsive, professional, detailed and personable. I would certainly use him again if ever needed.”

Kambiz Moayedi

“When he believes that you are innocent, he defends you with vigor that is difficult to miss. His anticipation of what might be prosecution’s next moves perhaps comes from his experience as Assistant Prosecutor with the Hudson County. He passion for going into details of the case and preparation for the defense showed during trial of our case and showed us how good a lawyer he was. I owe him a debt of gratitude.”

Noel Barnes

“Awesome communication and professional services. Highly recommend.”

DA Towing & Repair

“Joel sorted my case quickly and with minimal effort on my part. He was easy to talk to and kept things professional. Great results we got. Cheers!!”

Grant Riddell

“Empathetic, kind, understanding. Couldn’t ask for a better lawyer.”

Jarrett V

“I have to say from the start that Joel Silberman is a reliable, trustworthy, quality attorney that gets the job done. He represented me on several serious criminal cases, a civil lawsuits and all with great results. While his focus is on criminal defence and civil rights, I eventually even hired him to be my divorce attorney. Yes, my divorce attorney (who does this). After, having a horrible experiences with a previous divorce attorney and seeing how Mr Silberman was such a professional who applied himself with laser focus, I figured I couldn’t go wrong and I was right. He quickly finalized my divorce with satisfying results. Joel Silberman is Spot On and more important Adaptable. I strongly recommend him to anyone!!!”

Anonymous Client

“Joel was diligent and forthcoming every step along the way . He made a difficult situation more palatable – I’d highly recommend him .”

Michael Mulcahy

“When things go wrong you need help and support to know your best options. Someone to provide the knowledgeable calm in your storm. I trusted Joel and he proved me right.”

dru kapadia

“Joel was extremely understanding to my situation and went above and beyond what I expected.”

Shaam Brown

“Joel is an excellent attorney. He is reliable, diligent, efficient and ethical. He handles his cases with the utmost professionalism and cares about his clients every step of the way. He was always available to answer any questions we had and made sure to quickly answer emails, texts and phone calls even if it were late in the evening after returning from court. Joel kept us apprised of all the details happening throughout our case and was helpful in guiding us through the various proceedings and processes which made us feel well supported and comfortable given the fact that we had never been involved in this type of lawsuit. It should be noted that Joel has the respect of everyone, including Judges and his colleagues, which was clearly evident in the court room. I would highly recommend Joel as a criminal defense attorney!”

Donna Abramo

“Joel is well respected by other lawyers and judges. I think they know how smart he is. He also is very honest to his client. He told me good news and bad news and try to make a plan for bad news. I appreciate his help. He fixed a very bad mistake for me and now my life is good again.”

Miguel Fuentes