Are Bath Salts Illegal in New Jersey?

[dropcap][/dropcap]Over the past few years New Jersey has seen an influx of Bath Salts being sold at corner stores and truck stops around the Jersey Shore and many college campuses. The highly hallucinogenic substance commonly referred to as Bath Salts contains a derivative that is similar to amphetamines and is, according to medical experts, capable of producing the same hallucinogenic and superhuman feelings of LSD, Ecstasy and PCP. On April 11, 2011, the State of New Jersey introduced a bill that criminalizes possession and sale of Bath Salts. The bill amends section 2C:35-2 of New Jersey’s Criminal Code to include Bath Salts as a controlled and dangerous substance under New Jersey Law. Under the Statute it is a crime of third degree to distribute or possess with the intent to distribute Bath Salts and a crime of the fourth degree to illegally possess bath salts. As a result, all charges involving Bath Salts in the State of New Jersey will be prosecuted as indictable offenses that could result in state prison sentences. Given the sentencing exposure and consequences associated with charges related to Bath Salts in New Jersey it is critical that you consult a New Jersey Criminal Attorney to defend your case and ensure your Constitutional rights are not violated. For a free consultation please call New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Joel Silberman.

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