Acting AG Bruck Announces Indictment of Man Charged With Attempted Murder for Allegedly Beating And Choking Man He Suspected Of Being Gay

TRENTON – Acting Attorney General Andrew J. Bruck today announced the indictment of a man charged with attempted murder and bias intimidation for allegedly beating and choking a man he suspected of being gay in North Hudson Park in North Bergen, N.J., on the night of June 21, 2021.

The Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) Specialized Crimes Bureau yesterday obtained a state grand jury indictment charging José Tobias Carranza Serrano, 18, of Baltimore, Md., aka “Kevin Lopez,”

  1. Attempted Homicide (1st Degree)
  2. Bias Intimidation (1st Degree)
  3. Robbery (1st Degree)
  4. Aggravated Assault (2nd Degree)

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