Arrested during Covid19 pandemic – avoid longer stay in jail

Risk of staying in jail much longer than otherwise

Covid19 pandemic has made life difficult for everyone. The social and economic activities suddenly came to a halt and now we are facing uncertain times in getting them back on track.

In these times, if someone gets an arrest warrant or is arrested, it puts him at even bigger risk. The social distancing in prisons is not easy and puts the inmates at bigger risk despite some extraordinary measures taken by authorities. With courts restricted to emergency hearings only, the arrested person carries the risk of staying in jail much longer than otherwise.

How courts are functioning during Coronavirus Pandemic

Some of New Jersey municipal courts reopened for remote proceedings in the last week of April, ending a month-long suspension imposed to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Individual matters can be conducted remotely with the consent of all parties.
The state Supreme Court further announced that the local courts could resume full sessions by video or phone on May 11. All jury trials and grand jury hearings, however, will remain suspended through May 31.

If you are arrested in New Jersey during the pandemic

The enforcement agencies are being encouraged to cite and release defendants wherever possible in order to reduce the local jail populations. Even prosecutors and judges are being more inclined to allow more defendants to stay out of jail while their case is pending. But you need to have right representation of your case by an experienced criminal defense attorney to stay out of jail and avoid health risks.

Contact a criminal defense attorney to stay out of jail

If you have been issued an arrest warrant or are arrested, call a criminal defense attorney immediately. An experienced criminal defence attorney shall protect your rights and can help you staying out of jail or get you out of it. For years Joel Silberman served as an Assistant Prosecutor with the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office. During this time Joel litigated hundreds of felony and juvenile cases and appeared before the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division on multiple occasions. He will give you best representation to avoid your arrest or get you out of jail.

Around the Clock Representation

Avoid health risk and a longer jail term. Call (201)-420-1913 for a free consultation immediately and highly qualified and devoted legal representation. Law enforcement never rests and neither do we. Immediately after retaining Joel Silberman you will receive a 24/7 dedicated line to contact him on.

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