Charges for Illegal Possession and Use of Prescription Drugs in New Jersey

Using prescription drugs without a valid prescription from a certified doctor is a crime. You may be charged with illegal possession, use and distribution of prescription drugs.

Charges for Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs in NJ

Theft of prescription drugs, prescription drug possession, forgery or distribution of prescription drugs are drug offenses in NJ.

Theft of prescription drug pads: If a person steals prescription drug pads, he/she may be charged with a drug offense in New Jersey. These crimes are third degree crimes, and may result in 5 years of jail and fines exceeding $100,000.

Prescription drug possession: Possession of a prescription drug in large amounts, without a valid prescription, is a fourth degree crime in New Jersey.

Prescription drug forgery: Obtaining a prescription drug by forgery is a drug offense. Prescription drug forgery is a third degree crime in New Jersey.

Prescription drug distribution: A person who distributes a prescription drug without a valid license can be charged with drug possession and distribution. Distributing prescription drugs for financial gain is a fourth degree crime.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in New Jersey

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