False murder or manslaughter charge

False murder or manslaughter charge

The wrong turn of events in one’s life

There will be circumstances that may lead to a wrong turn of events in one’s life. It could be as bad as being wrongfully charged or arrested for a murder or manslaughter.

The ex-boyfriend was charged with murdering his girlfriend.

Her ex-boyfriend, Andre Daniels, was accused of fatally stabbing Alicia Arnone in her home in Leonia, New Jersey.  Daniels, who has a lengthy rap sheet, and Arnone dated on-and-off for 14 years, and he had a history of assaulting her, according to her family and reports. There were restraining orders issued against him in the past because of abusive incidents involving Alicia.

Alicia’s 13-year old daughter, whose name was not revealed, and her new boyfriend, Nile Diakos, accused Andre Daniels of murdering Alicia and claimed to be eyewitnesses to the murder, which led to his (Andre Daniels’) arrest.

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Luck shifted in Andre Daniels’ favor.

In a chilling twist, police now believe that Alicia’s new boyfriend, Nile Diakos, stabbed Arnone, slipped out of the house and circled back after calling police to report the murder. Charges against Alicia’s ex-boyfriend, Daniels, in the case have been dropped, and he was released from custody.

Ref: https://nypost.com/2022/04/02/wrong-boyfriend-arrested-for-domestic-violence-murder-in-nj/

One may not be as lucky as Andre Daniels.

Andre Daniels was lucky that investigators quickly found another suspect. One may not be as lucky as he was and those charges could lead to a lengthy legal process, loss of reputation, and even wrongful conviction.

You need a good lawyer to defend you.

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