Should I hire a Criminal Defense Attorney before seeking help from a Bail Bondsman?

After a friend or loved one has been arrested panic usually sets in. Most people’s first thought is to get the person out of jail and back home. In order to achieve this many people seek the services of a Bail Bondsman to post the necessary bond immediately. Although this is a logical response, seeking the advice of an experienced attorney before immediately posting a bond can save you money. Generally, a judge who has very little knowledge of the case sets an individual’s initial bail shortly after they have been arrested. Historically, initial bails are very high. Once an attorney has been retained he can speak to the prosecution and the court about the severity of the charges, strength and weaknesses of the case and about the individual who was arrested personally in an effort to have the bail lowered to a more appropriate level. Once the initial bond has been posted you lose your ability to argue for a lower bail and corresponding bond.