Will my case go to trial?

Most criminal cases can be resolved without going to trial by an agreement between the prosecution and the defense.There are several options for concluding a case before trial, such as a jury trial, astipulated-facts trial, a conditional guilty plea, and a plea bargain. These options require the defendant to plead guilty of the crime in exchange for a reduction of a jail sentence.

The defendant can choose to accept the offer or schedule the case for trial instead. In order to make an informed decision about going to trial consider the following:

  • Are you guilty or innocent of the charges?
  • How strong is the caseagainst you?
  • How good is the offer made by the court?
  • How risky is it to go to trial?

If you are not guilty of the crime,it may be wise to take your case to trial. However, itis important to consult a criminal defense attorney for advice.

Jury trial