How can a domestic violence attorney help me?

A domestic violence attorney can help you in the following ways:

Making stratetic decisions – He can make strategic decisions, such as deciding what evidence to present in court, or who should testify on your behalf.

Get a restraining order in place – He can help you obtain a restraining order that can prohibit the abuser from making contact with you or possessing firearms.

File a domestic violence lawsuit – It will allow the victim to recover any medical expenses,or losses due to pain and suffering caused by domestic violence.

File for divorce – If the accused is a spouse, a domestic violence attorney can assist you in the divorce process, including your right to spousal support and receiving your share of marital property.

Help you get custody of your kids – He can help you get custody of your child as well as child support from the other parent.

Represent you in the court – He can act as your advocate in the court, obtain and complete the required documents, and deal with the opposing side throughout the legal process.

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