What rules or safety guidelines are in place for reopened businesses? Are any businesses closed?

Note: Beginning November 5, employers must adhere to new employee protection guidelines, summarized here. Detailed requirements, as well as exemptions for certain employers, can be found in Executive Order No. 192.

Most businesses can reopen, while following appropriate mitigation requirements. Links to industry-specific guidance can be found below. For a timeline of reopening dates and more information about the framework guiding the State’s decisions, visit our Reopening page. For additional information on COVID-19 and its impact on businesses, please visit the State of New Jersey’s COVID-19 Business Information Hub.


Adult Day Care Centers remain closed.

Note: Any establishment open to the public, including bars and restaurants, must cordon off any indoor or outdoor dance floors to the public.


Workplaces that do not have walk-in customers or products for sale, including office spaces, were never closed, but must allow employees to work remotely if their job can be performed remotely. At a minimum, businesses must have policies that require individuals to wear face coverings indoors when in close contact with others for long periods of time, and are strongly encouraged to follow safety and sanitization protocols.

Retail businesses and indoor portions of retail shopping malls may open to customers, while following required mitigation requirements.

Bars and restaurants may reopen while following appropriate safety and sanitization protocols.

Microbreweries and brewpubs may be open for home delivery. Depending on the type of license they hold, food service may also be allowed.

Child care centers can reopen their doors to all clients, while following all safety guidelines.

Golf Courses may open so long as they adopt minimum social distancing policies.

Recreational businesses can reopen, while following required mitigation requirements.

Entertainment businesses, including indoor performance venues, such as movie theaters, can reopen, while following required mitigation requirements.

Shared space tutoring facilities may open to students and clients, subject to the restrictions for recreational and entertainment businesses.

Playgrounds, amusement parks, and water parks can reopen indoor and outdoor spaces, so long as they follow required mitigation measures.

Swimming pools can reopen, while following necessary mitigation requirements.

Casinos, including casino gaming floors and retail sports wagering lounges, can reopen, while following mitigation requirements.

Horse racetracks can reopen for racing and for in-person bets, while following necessary mitigation requirements.

Construction may continue. Construction projects must follow appropriate mitigation requirements.

Manufacturing and warehousing businesses may remain open and must follow social distancing and safety requirements.

Personal care businesses may reopen, while following appropriate mitigation requirements.

Libraries can reopen, while following appropriate mitigation requirements.

Gyms and fitness centers may reopen indoor and outdoor spaces so long as they follow required social distancing and other safety protocols.

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