New Jersey Courts Set to Resume Jury Trials

According to the Supreme Court order released on Sep 18, 2020, New Jersey courts are set to resume jury trials from Monday, Sept. 21.

On Sep 21, the Superior Court Judge Robert Vinci. Jury selection will be conducted using a hybrid approach. Voir dire questioning will primarily take place in a virtual format, with technology provided by the Judiciary as needed.

Read the full text here:

Immediate motivation behind the resumption of jury trials

The decision to resume a limited number of jury trials is motivated by providing legal recourse to the detained in jail awaiting trial, as well as the rights of victims of crime seeking access to the courts to complete a critical step in their recovery, both being greatly restricted due to measure taken due to prevailing Covid19 pandemic situation.

Sep 11 notice to the Bar

The Sep 11 notice to the Bar by Hon. Glenn A. Grant, J.A.D., acting Administrative Director of the Courts, detailed out the measures on the resumption of criminal and civil jury trials. Read the text here:

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