NJ Police Body Camera Bill Unanimously Passed

Civil Liberties
NJ Police Body Camera Bill Unanimously Passed By Assembly in Dec 2021. The bill would allow law enforcement officers to review body camera footage before writing reports. It passed the Assembly unanimously.

Supporters of the bill say that officers would be able to write more accurate reports, while detractors say it would enable those same officers to exclude pieces of the interaction that don’t appear on video.

However, American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey Policy Director Sarah Fajardo told NJ Spotlight News that she believed there are no circumstances when officers should be able to review the footage prior to filing reports.

“It undermines civil rights, it undermines best practices for policing that are researched fact. There’s science out there that tells us how memory operates, and once you introduce new information into one’s memory it changes,” she told Spotlight News.

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