Use of Excessive Force by Law Enforcement Officers

You have right to seek justice against the use of excessive force

Law and order enforcement agencies are allowed to use reasonable force, while on duty, to serve and protect their own lives and lives of others. However, when a law enforcement officer oversteps his or her bounds and uses excessive force that violates a person’s constitutional rights or causes serious physical injury or death, he or she shall be liable for such violation, injury or death. If you are a victim of such use of excessive force, you have right to get justice.

You may have right to compensation

You may be entitled to significant compensation for violation, injury or death you or your loved ones have suffered due to use of excessive force by law enforcement officers. You may even seek punitive damages that is paid by the person liable for such violation.

Seeking justice against law enforcement officers is no easy task

At Law Office of Joel Silberman, we understand, when the law enforcement agencies are the violators, seeking justice is no easy task. People in positions of authority may not be as eager to listen to complaints of brutality by law enforcement officers as they may do in other cases. You need a forceful, determined and experienced voice to make them take a serious note of your case.

Call Jersey City Civil Rights Attorney Joel Silberman today

The Jersey City Civil Rights Attorney Joel Silberman shall help you get justice for any violation of your constitutional rights, injury or death. We have both the experience and resources needed to litigate even the most complex excessive force related lawsuits. Call us at call (201)-420-1913 or email at today to schedule an appointment.

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