When will the lockdown end in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, maybe in America or on the planet if we’re able to start getting back on our feet In an interview to a television channel, the Gov. Phil Murphy said, “I’ll be the happiest guy, if not on June one. But we’ve got to have broken the back of the virus. We’ve got to have that health care infrastructure in place. And we’ve got a plan that both works for us, for the region and for the country.”

He further told that the economic recovery would not happen unless it was on the back of a complete, strong healthcare recovery. He added that the “normal” may not be what Americans had known before.

He stressed that the states needed more financial help from the federal government in order to avoid raising tax rates and make up for lost revenue due to lockdown. Murphy estimated that New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey will need about $150 billion from the federal government, and he said, “It needs to come urgently‚Ķ We need a big slug of direct cash assistance from the feds.”

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