Wrongfully convicted? It is never too late to prove your innocence.

$7.5 million payment for wrongfully convicted Floyd Bledsoe

As report by on Apr 30, 2023, Floyd Bledsoe, the Kansas man who spent 16 years in prison for a rape and murder he didn’t commit will receive $7.5 million from the county where he was arrested and convicted of the crime.

Jefferson County commissioners approved the settlement last week with Floyd Bledsoe, who was released from prison in 2015 after DNA evidence showed he could not have been the killer of 14-year-old Camille Arfmann in Oskaloosa.

It is never too late to prove your innocence

As reported by ABC News, Bledsoe was convicted in 2000 of killing the girl. He was arrested even though his brother, Tom, confessed to the killing in 1999, turned himself in and led authorities to the girl’s body. According to a lawsuit Floyd Bledsoe filed in 2016, Jefferson County authorities persuaded Tom Bledsoe to recant his confession and “framed” his brother by hiding evidence of his innocence.

In 2015, DNA testing revealed Tom Bledsoe was the likely source of sperm found in the victim. Tom Bledsoe died by suicide that year after writing a note again confessing to killing Arfmann.

The charges against Floyd Bledsoe were dismissed and he was freed from prison that year.

Convicted of a crime that you never committed?

If you are a victim of wrongful conviction, it is never too late to prove your innocence and seek justice for the injustice done to you. Like Floyd Bledsoe, you have the right to hold your head high and tell the world that you were wronged. You have a right to a new beginning in your life. To start with, contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss your case.

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