Contacting a Sex Crime Attorney in New Jersey

Sex crimes such as, rape, date rape, aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault, generally means forcing another person into unwanted sexual activity by force or threat. Anyone who is found guilty of a sex crime must register as a sex offender.

If labeled as a sex offender, that tag can stick forever. It can affect you mentally, emotionally and socially. Sex crimes can destroy your reputation, negatively affect your personal relationships and harm your career. In some cases, a person may be charged with a sex crime based on false accusations from bitter, jealous, mistaken or manipulated accusers.

A sex crime defense is typically different from a general criminal defense. These types of cases require specialized, proven defense strategies known by lawyers who are experts in this area of law. Only an experienced sex crime lawyer who handles these cases as a regular part of his practice is qualified to undertake your representation.

New Jersey sex crime attorney Joel Silberman has represented clients in numerous types of cases including criminal sexual behavior. Unlawful sex acts include obscene presentation, sexual misuse, rape, assault, date assault and related charges.

A New Jersey sex crime attorney is experienced in interviewing all of the involved parties and evaluating their allegations. Therefore, a sex crime attorney is knowledgeable about the preemptive measures that are available to defend clients against these kinds of allegations. A sex crime attorney understands that being accused of these kinds of crimes can have a devastating effect on a person’s reputation in their community, job, and family. Therefore, an attorney will do everything in his or her power to protect you from these allegations.

A sex crime lawyer is the one who knows the legalities and the complications involved in such a situation. A sex crime lawyer will make sure you are fairly represented, and that you are cleared of the charges or at least receive a lesser sentence.

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