Reasons for Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

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There are many reasons why hiring a criminal defense attorney is beneficial for you. They understand the law better, have invested years of education in criminal justice and earned their experience in courtrooms. Regardless of whether they to help lower your penalties or avoid any other consequences, our attorneys are very prepared to handle your case.

The last thing you want is a criminal record following you for the rest of your life. A criminal defense attorney can help stop that from happening. With a good attorney by your side, you have a good chance to win the case or have it dismissed. If you are convicted, he or she can still appeal and ask the court to delete your conviction from your records, allowing you to live a normal life without worrying about a criminal record standing in the way of your job or social life.

When you are faced with a criminal charge, it is vital that you correctly handle all the documentation involved such as filing a plea bargain and submitting court documents on time. If you are handling the case on your own, it might be overwhelming for you to keep track of all the documents you need to bring to court. You may think that you are saving on the attorney’s fees, but a wrong step or a missed deadline for submission of documents could result in you losing your case. You would then have to face many more penalties, and have a much bigger price to pay. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you with all the legal proceedings and, most importantly, keep you out of jail.

A criminal defense attorney can attempt to get your penalties lowered by getting a diversion or an alternate sentence. In case you want to settle your case by plea bargaining, only an expert criminal defense attorney can successfully negotiate a fair settlement with seasoned prosecutors. He or she can also protect you from improper attempts to get you convicted.

If you were to run into dishonest individuals trying to tamper or destroy your evidence, it would be very challenging to correct that on your own without professional help. An experienced defense attorney will know exactly what to do with people who are less than honest. An experienced attorney has access to professionals such as private investigators, medical practitioners and expert witnesses. They will help you uncover the truth, track down records and point out weak or contradictory statements.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, contact criminal defense attorney Joel Silberman right away. Joel and his team will provide an aggressive defense from start to finish and offer you the best chance to stay out of jail. For a free initial consultation, call us at 201-420-1913. You can also email us at

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