Sexual allegations against school staff

Every criminal must be punished, and no guilty person should be punished.

Hundreds of Chicago Public Schools teachers sexually groomed, assaulted and raped CPS students last school year. As per the Chicago Public Schools Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) annual report for 2022, there were a total of 470 sexual allegations last year – including inappropriate touching, grooming, sexual abuse, illegal sexual acts such as rape, sexual comments, and sexual electronic communication.

It also stated – “Over the past four years, the SAU’s accomplishments have been significant.  It has opened 1,735 cases following allegations reported by students, alumni, parents, staff, and others. Of those, it has closed a total of 1,384 cases raising concerns of adult-on-student sexual misconduct, and substantiated policy violations in 302 investigations. At least 16 subsequent criminal charges have been filed against CPS affiliated adults for sex-related crimes by prosecuting agencies.”

Hundreds of text messages between the student and staff member were recovered in the case, including “overtly sexual” ones.

You can read full report here. You can read news about this in Chicago City Wire and Daily Caller.

The offenders must be punished

Every offender of sex abuse of students must be punished and corrective actions should be taken by authorities to pre-empt such offenses. The increases in such reported cases are a disturbing trend, and policymakers should consider introducing new safeguards to minimize the chances of such abuses.

Every innocent wrongly charged has right to defend himself

Having said that every offender must be punished, it cannot be ruled out that some may be charged wrongly for offenses that they never committed. All such people have the right to defend themselves. Being innocent and proving it are two different things. If one is the victim of a mistaken charge, he should consult an expert lawyer to prove his innocence. A poor defense may cost one his freedom and reputation.

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