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Murder is the intentional and unlawful killing of one human by another human.  Manslaughter is a lesser and legally distinct offense.  Manslaughter generally encompasses the reckless, unintentional or accidental killing of one human by another.  Another distinct subsection of Murder is Felony Murder. Felony Murder occurs when an individual causes the death of another person while committing certain offenses.  Examples of such offenses are Robbery and Rape. Generally, the authorities are under tremendous public pressure to solve homicide related cases quickly.  Naturally, these rushed investigations regularly contain multiple evidential and Constitutional complications.  If you have been arrested, charged or anticipate being charged with Murder or Manslaughter you need to speak with Joel Silberman as soon as possible to ensure your constitutional rights and defense are not jeopardized.


  • Innocence
  • Prosecution has insufficient evidence to satisfy their burden
  • The accused suffered from Mental Defect (Insanity Defense)
  • Constitutional Defenses
  • Self Defense
  • Passion Provocation

Sentencing Consequences

  • One who is accused of Murder often faces up to life in prison